Tuesday, January 20, 2009

badass bathroom.

we are so rocknrolla. this is my favorite room in the house. that could be because it is the only room that's finished. the skulls were bo's idea and i thought up the rest. my favorite touch is the pottery barn halloween skull glasses as a vase and candleholder. am i a genius or what? since it's a rental, i am limited to what i can do as far as paint and construction. i would have loved to add white wainscoting to the bottom half of the wall and paint the top half a dark gray. i would have used a white stencil instead of a black and made some other little changes. c'est la vie. i am working on the rest of the place and i will keep you posted on the finished products.


  1. B.A. bathroom. love it. i have those pink vase thing-a-ma-jigs up in my room too!

  2. LOVE. my favorite detail is the chandelier decal (of course).

  3. i saw this and thought of your bathroom.



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