Saturday, January 31, 2009

more gown selections...

since i have a totally obsessive personality i couldn't stop wondering what people would be wearing to this years oscars, with so many amazing gowns on the runway this season i can't help myself. they are keeping presenters secret so i can only guess who else might be at the show, so these are my selections for a few lovely ladies who may be walking the red carpet.

i think this oscar de la renta gown would be perfect for cameron diaz. she looks fantastic in a column skirt and the crazy extra fabric would give her boyish figure some serious hip action. and she is amazing in strapless! she has unbelievable shoulders!

oh my god. can't you see Mrs. Kidman-Urban rocking this!!! only a freaking super model could pull of the proportions of this emanuel ungaro champagne stunner, so she is the celebrity to do it. nicole kidman is pretty much a fashion genius and i think this look is chic and funky. perfect.

i love love love rodarte. they make me so happy! i could totally see keira knightley wearing this amazing chiffon masterpiece. she is a fan of the designers and i totally think she could pull this off. she would look like a rock n' roll fairy princess. who doesn't love that look? i really hope someone wears them!


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