Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sag Awards 2009. the bad.

emily blunt, pamela roland

freida pinto, unknown designer, doesn't matter it's ugly

eva longoria, jenny packham

penelope cruz, alaia
it goes without saying all of the women above are beautiful, amazing actresses. but really ladies, are we being all that we can be? i mean eva looks like a sherbet cream puff, freida looks like she is up for miss. south carolina, penelope looks she is wearing a velvet cowboy bib, and emily blunt, possibly the most beautiful women ever,  looks old, frumpy, and that dress is just disco ball disaster. on top of the dresses being less than stellar, what is up with the hair? emily and i are currently wearing the same hairdo, a dirty slicked back bun and don't get me started on eva, was she late for the junior ice capades!! basically,  i was super disappointed with the lot of them, mostly because they all usually rock the red carpet. i expect more at the oscars ladies.


  1. I think the worst was Marisa Tomei. The dress was awful and the color did nothing for her at all. Plus her hair looked weird. Definitely the worst.

  2. marisa was next on my list, after the disaster she wore to the golden globes i was okay with the gown, but you are right, her hair and her make up were so strange. even bo mentioned it. it was definitely off.



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