Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sag Awards 2009. the good.

katie holmes, jil sander

kate winslet, narciso rodriguez

Jennifer Morrison, Anne Valerie Hash

Anne Hathaway, Azzaro
with my awards season well underway, you must know that when i arrived home this evening to find that my dvr had failed to record my 4 hours of pre-show happenings i nearly had a coronary. ask bo. it was serious. so i have been scouring the internet for the past few hours catching up on some of the gowns that i missed and finding my faves.

when katie holmes sauntered out to give the best actor award, i was so excited. she looked amazing. i love the fabric and the amazing geometric cut of her jill stuart dress. so simple and so elegant, without being boring. she looked young and sassy.

kate winslet is just stunning and whatever she is doing, we all need to be doing. and her electric blue narciso rodriguez body hugging masterpiece fits her perfectly...the bottom confuses me a bit, but she looks so hot that i will let that slide. and those boobs. jealous! she totally should have won the big one. i can't wait to see what she will wear to the oscars.

my number one is jennifer morrison, she looks like a sparkly fairy hippie. the cut of the gown is flowy without being dumpy and i absolutely love that the dress is strapless. this is also an instance when a pale color in the right shade just makes her glow. it has such an ethereal quality and combined with her hair, makeup, and accessories she looks flawless. i love love love this gown. her stylist is a rock star. how do you think i would look as a blonde?

and last but not least...i love me some anne, but the only reason she made this list is her amazing hair and makeup. the gown is beautiful, but reminds me of gowns that have come before, j.lo and diane lane both come to mind, but her wavy loose curls and perfect makeup make this a complete success...i expect more at the oscars. 


  1. I thought Anne looked. Lately she hasn't really been looking that good but I thought she really looked great last night. I agree with your other picks. I like Katie's dress just thought she was a little undressed. And why on earth was she presenting the best actor award? I also thought Amy Adams looked good too.

  2. did not even realize the SAG awards happened this weekend. i want katie's dress, especially as it's the only one i could actually wear to an event in my life--she does seem a bit underdressed for an awards ceremony/show.

  3. to defend katie, it is common to wear cocktail dresses to the sag awards. although no one really did this year except for tina fey, who is just yikes on the red carpet. katie also didn't walk the carpet, she just showed up and i have no idea why she was presenting? odd. and kathryn you are reading my mind. amy adams was my next choice, she wore that deep purple giambattista valli gown, i decided not to because her red lipstick completely threw me off. the dress was amazing!!!!



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