Friday, January 16, 2009

so cute. too bad the movie sucked.

kate and anne. adorable. both of them have impeccable fashion sense, the photo to the right another fantastic example, kate in temperley london and anne in j. brand. but why god, oh why, did they have to make a movie together. bo and i decided we needed some laughter and both secretly wanted to see bride wars. (don't let him tell you otherwise) for the first time in a long time i wanted to leave the theatre. first off, it wasn't funny, not even a little bit and for the record, osiai are very laughy people. also, the story was ridiculous, even for a romantic comedy the plot was just juvenile and redundant. not to mention the joy that is wedding playing was no where to be found. where were all of the pretty dresses, the pretty flowers, and let's not forget all of the nightmarish bridesmaids dresses. i love both actress and find their previous work delightful, which is probably why i am so disappointed. so that is my review, not very insightful, i know, but trust was awful. so overall, i say you are better off spending your dough on a barium enema. and if you aren't up for that i can highly recommend the curious case of benjamin button or gran torino.


  1. lauren, i love your insight. you're brilliant. :) i'm glad you have a blog. love you!

  2. It couldn't have been as bad as Stick It!



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