Wednesday, February 04, 2009

from one shopaholic to another.

i read the first three shopaholic books many many moons ago and when i saw that the movie was coming out my initial reaction was anger. firstly, i was totally pissed because i wanted to play her, but that was followed by confusion. wasn't becky a brunette brit? i decided i needed to read the books again. and read i did. i didn't stop reading until i had read all 5 books. which took about 4 days. they were so much fun and while i am still really excited about the movie, i am more than slightly confused. my main problems could have been easily remedied. becky should have been british and the movie should have been rated r. this isn't notting hill it's bridget jones. i personally am going to miss all of the cursing and drinking. apparently jerry bruckheimer wanted her to be a new yorker, which i totally don't understand, i can't imagine the target audience being 63 year old men. american women love brits. i understand making the brands more mainstream as not many of us have shopped at jigsaw or whistles. well, i have. but i am something special. but they totally have marc jacobs and zac posen in england. i don't get it. another thing. from the preview i can totally tell that the movie is a mixture of the first two books which doesn't bother me so much, i just worry that if the movie does well and they try to make another that this will mess with the flow of things. remember bridget jones: the edge of reason? nope. that's because it sucked. they used all of the good stuff from the second book in the first movie which made the second movie redundant, again. my final pre-watch complaint...the clothes. i expected becky's clothes to be a bit out there. i mean she falls in love with a pair of zebra print jeans in the book. yikes. but patricia fields, who was the styling genius for miss bradshaw, seems to have dressed becky like an accessories store threw up on her. i don't know, not digging it. trust me i love buying things. and i love fancy things. but i will never ever buy something ugly just because it's designer and that is the vibe i am getting from the film. i really like isla fisher as becky, even as an american red head, but sarah jessica parker she is not and in the previews the clothes appear to wear her and not the other way around. that is the end of my rant...imagine if i put that much effort into saving the planet or trying to find a job. wow. after all of that i must clarify, i really want to see this movie and think it is going to be a lot of fun. 


  1. my favorite part of this entry is "but i am something special." i don't know anything about the series, but in light of what you've said, it's also kind of funny that isla fisher is actually a brit (well, she lives there now at least).

  2. i need to read this's at the top of the stack! i've heard that they're funny and i would like it. i think everyone should be british :)



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