Thursday, February 19, 2009

good times. great website.

i absolutely love gwyneth paltrow! she is amazing. bo and i have been finally catching up with our spain...on the road again and we have both been loving it! gwyneth, or gp as mario batali lovingly calls her, really is the classiest yet some how down to earth star i have ever come across. i simply adore her and know that we would be the best of friends...if indeed we ever met one another. 
today while checking fitsugar, i came across an article about gp's detox diet, yuck, and was shocked, she has a website that i have never heard of??? well, i have heard of it now and it is seriously good times. the site is broken up into 6 sections, do, make be, see, go, and my favorite get. the outfit above is from her get page where she shows us her method of putting everyday outfits together. i am in love. for good times. 

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  1. I can always rely on you to find these websites!! You better be getting nice and crisp on a beach every now and then! Say hi to Bo and Hammy! Miss you!



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