Monday, February 09, 2009

the grammys three saving graces and an honorable mention.

sara bareilles, louisa beccaria

miley cyrus, custom herve leger by max azria

gwyneth paltrow, versace dress, burberry prorsum cardigan

 honorable mention: kate beckinsale, reem acra

so, these were my top picks of the night. my number one was hands down hannah montana herself, miley cyrus looked amazing. her herve leger by max azria gown was stunning, the back is drop dead gorgeous, and the stack of bracelets were so rock n' roll. i think the dress was cool and fun, my only complaint is that is was black, which is kinda boring. i think a canary yellow would have been fantastic and made the gown a bit younger. i also loved gwyneth platrow's fun and funky versace dress, gp really made it playful with the tights, cardigan, and accessories. she is so effortlessly sexy and really looked like a rockstar's wife. i also loved sarah bareilles bubblegum tulle masterpiece. i thought she really had the grammys playful vibe down. she looked hip and funky in her louisa beccaria dress. the red shoes and belt were such a great pairing, i probably would have passed on the red lipstick, but other than that, it was perfect for her personality and music. now, my totally overdressed honorable mention goes to kate beckinsale. i am getting a bit tired of this mermaid look and i also miss her in color, but she looked so fresh and pretty that i had to give her props. i have no idea why she was at the grammys, but she brought a refinement to the evening and i absolutely love the whimsical flair and train. if i overlooked someone i do apologize.

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  1. Miley was number one on Kojo's list - that is a really pretty dress. Too bad she's annoying; she has great fashion taste on the red carpet!

    And thanks for mentioning my girl crush ;)



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