Monday, February 09, 2009

the grammys were ugly. really ugly.

MIA; Estelle; Paris Hilton, Versace; Paula Abdul, Basil Soda; Katy Perry, Basil Soda

i really have no idea what to think about this years grammy gowns. they were so bipolar. these dresses above were considered the worst dressed by and to be honest this was easier than trying to hunt down all of my least favorite gowns. i really don't have much to say about the dresses above, except yuck. and why was paris hilton even there? are we really considering her a musician now? and MIA's poor unborn child is going to have to see pictures of its mother dressed like that just days before it was born. i understand that the grammys are supposed to be fun, but this is madness. when did women stop wanting to look pretty? why does everything need a gimmick? isn't there enough bullshit in the world! don't they watch stacy and clinton? you don't need to dress like a flippin' crazy person to show your creativity! can you tell i am having a bitter night? 


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