Friday, February 13, 2009

i need help. for serious.

due to my complete obsession with all things material, i have a sad announcement. i, lauren lanza osias, am on a BUDGET!!! yuck! i mean what is the fun in that? but i absolutely have to be these next two months, considering i am going all over the place and having loads of fun, i must reserve the dough for plane tickets, gas, slot machines, concerts, food, and beverages of an alcoholic persuasion. so it looks like my blog will only be things i wish for and don't actually buy. and it starts this instant and what do you know? i am already angry. what am i going to do now? all i do it shop! ask tricia and pilita! it's true. and when i am not shopping, i am looking up things that i will eventually buy, within the week, month, or the next 20 years. 

i totally need a hobby and you'd think i would just get a job, but yikesola! the job market here blows. as i am not a qualified x-ray technician, nor do i want to go door to door selling farm equipment, my options are quite limited. so besides blogging and going to the gym...what are my options? help me! what hobbies should i take up? let me know what you think i should do.

oh, and i promise i will shamefully report anything i buy to the blog. 


  1. why don't you get a job at a store that you love to shop at. not really a hobby since i don't think many of us think of our jobs as hobbies but at least you can help with the budget!

  2. i've tried, but most of the great little boutiques aren't hiring and the mall is kinda pathetic. we don't even have a banana republic or urban outfitters, but i am on the look out. i'll keep you posted.



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