Tuesday, February 24, 2009

oscars 2009. clarifications and additions.

here are two additions from the after parties! kate bosworth in alexander mcqueen, who if you asked me looks stunning and healthy and gwen stefani in chanel, who has been absent from events for some time now. she is always a rock star and i love her shag gown. elegant and badass. that is a hard combo to pull off. i think both of these ladies look hip and fresh.  

as requested a photo of tina fey wearing one of my favorite runway dresses from zac posen. this as far as i am concerned the best she has ever looked. plus, she and steve martin had me cracking up! her hair and makeup are just stellar. i love this dress. i even have a picture of it from the runway on my computer. i am soooo lame. 

*i have decided that i indeed hate jessica biel's gown, mostly because she was wearing closed toe black satin shoes. ewwww!!!!! whose idea was that? i can't find a photo and i am sure that is because cameras all over the carpet broke as they tried to shoot the offending footwear.

**also, i am tired of seeing miley cyrus on worst dressed lists. she looked amazing and took a risk wearing something different. and let's not forget i am always right. 

***yay, decisions. i have narrowed down my top three, finally.  1. penelope cruz 2. natalie portman 3. taraji p. henson. 


  1. okay, let me say that i would have posted all of this yesterday before your new addition to your oscar posts. Here is my top five - 1. miley 2. anne 3. natalie 4. reese 5. nicole.

    I don't know what was up with Sophia Loren (sp?) Yikes is all I have to say to that! Really wasn't her dress but her hair and makeup. I hated Jessica Biel's dress. Hated the flap of material hanging out of her boob.

    I love angie's emerald earrings but thought her dress was boring. I really thought penelope looked great and her dress was fab. I just thought it looked more like a wedding dress to me. I don't know..I go back and forth over it.

    Hugh was awesome. It was actually a show this year and I actually watched it instead of looking up at the must see catergories. Loved how past awards winners presented. Awesome.

    Hope I didn't forget anything.

  2. did you see the dress jessica b. wore to the vanity fair party? She should have worn that one to the oscars!

  3. i totally agree. she looked so much better in the purple gown. she also looked amazing when she hosted the technical oscars last week, i don't know what happened...well...i do, a bucket of yuck.

  4. thanks for posting the tina fey dress. she looked great! also, i don't get why miley is on the worst dressed list either. i loved her dress as well.



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