Sunday, February 22, 2009

oscars 2009. a colorful affair.

yay for color! it was lovely to see a punch of color on the red carpet and all of these women really have the personalities to pull these bright hues off. 
natalie portman never does the expected and tonight was no different. she looked angelic in her pink rodarte frock. i really think she can pull off anything, even insanely bright pink. she seriously one of the most effortlessly dressed actresses out there and tonight she really just made me smile.
okay, before you bite my head off, i am a bit confused by this red roland mouret gown. it is totally on trend with fashion week with the origami patterns. heidi klum is indeed a supermodel,so i think she is allowed to make risks. i am in love with her jewels. the diamond stacked bracelets were breathtaking. it's like they just couldn't stop piling them on. i love it.
i haven't been a fan of feida pinto's red carpet choices all award season long and tonight was no different. i don't like this, but i do think she looks stunning and her john galliano gown is not a complete disaster. the blue on her skin tone is absolutely delicious. i just wish i could rip that sleeve right off.
amanda seyfried is a newcomer to the oscar carpet and while i am not in love with her valentino gown, i love that she is reaching out of the box for a new silhouette. she's not playing it safe, she is wearing color, the origami influence, and is totally on trend with her tiered necklace. these are all giant pluses to me. can't wait to see more from her.

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  1. totally totally agree about frieda pinto's sleeve. i don't get heidi klum's neckline, and for that reason, i don't like the dress.



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