Sunday, February 22, 2009

oscars 2009. dark done right.

black/dark gowns will never ever go out of style, but i am super glad that they were kept to a minimum on tonight's red carpet. and when they did show up they were far from boring. this years dark hued gowns were all spectacularly interesting, they were filled with intricate and complicated details that just make my heart swoon.

yummy kate winslet finally won!!! yay! so deserved! she looked fiercely fashionable in her ysl gown. she rocked the one shoulder gown which is all the rage and did it with such grace. i love the mixture of satin and embroidered netting, the back made me really happy. there is a part of me that wished the gown was solid black or gray, but who care what i think? answer. no one. i haven't even discussed how hot her hair and makeup were. how hot you ask? really hot.
angelina jolie did me proud wearing a body hugging chiffon elie saab. the gown is still a bit boring, but i am going to let it slide because her giant emerald drop earrings were the most perfect piece of jewelry on the red carpet. she is a seriously hot lady.
so i have no idea who this is, but i am totally digging her custom made marchesa gown. okay, so i do know who this is, but i really am not proud of that. this gown was originally a short dress which marchesa's designer georgina chapman made floor length for zac efron's girlfriend. i think it is a bit old for her, but the whole package is truly stunning. i love the bodice and the fun geometric flowers. the earrings with the hair absolutely rocks my world.
the first few times i saw this dress i thought it was a yucky version of anne hathaway's armani prive from the golden globes, but after seeing it on stage in the lights, i am converted. it really is a gown made for movement. this dior gown really is a stunner. her makeup looks a bit garish in this picture, but really came across softer on tv. i just love the cinched waist with the giant skirt, it's a great proportion that everyone seems to be loving as well!
i love diane lane and just thought she should get a little nod for being the hottest 44 year old on the planet. while not particularly daring, she looked amazing in dolce and gabbana. her hair and makeup rocked my socks. i love when she wears her hair up on the carpet, so i am smiling.


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