Sunday, February 22, 2009

oscars 2009. the missteps.

as i said before i really didn't think there were any huge nasties...well...there were a few. i feel so bad singling these women're right i don't, but let it be said all of these women are amazing actresses...just actresses in need of a stylist.
 i love melissa george, lauren reed rocks my socks off, but this dolce & gabanna just doesn't do it for me. she is trying to be kate beckinsale and it is not working. the exposed boning on the bodice is hard to see in the picture, but trust me it looks super unfinished and reminds me of cheep lingerie. the hair and makeup look lovely, but girl needs some help, did you see her at the golden globes. yikes.

amy adams is such a classy lady and her hair and makeup look absolutely stunning, the necklace and even the color of the gown are spectacular, but yikesola what is that bodice? the black piping on her carolina herrera gown is tacky and the strange flow of chiffon from her bosoms is simply unflattering. i was really sad.

this didn't surprise me. lord beyonce can't dress herself to save her life. this is ungodly nasty. we know she has a killer body and like the two previous ladies her hair and makeup are stunning, but this seriously is a nasty ugly gown. plus, she looks like a stuffed sausage. someone so pretty shouldn't have to look this bad. it's house of dereon, no wonder.

poor melissa leo. she had to shoot frozen river in freezing upstate new york and the color of her badgley mishka gown is just as cold and depressing. it's even worse than depression, it's baby poop. and the horrid bodice not only makes her look without breasts it also comes to a quite unflattering point right at her crotch. sorry, i am not a fan.

i love this women! viola davis is such an amazing actress and stunning. this dress is awful!!! reem acra should be ashamed of such an outdated cheap design. and with viola's amazing skin this color is just blah. this makes me want to stay in bed for a week.

oh dear god. tilda swinton is a splendid actress, she is hilarious in person, and she scares the living shit out of me on the red carpet. she is horrifying. this lanvin creation just makes me speechless. like, i literally have no words. 


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