Monday, February 16, 2009

shopaholic made me laugh. a lot.

so i went into this film guarded and expecting very little and that method seems to have payed off. the film made me laugh out loud, both lydia and i were cracking up throughout the entire movie. isla fisher is the most adorable creature on the planet and without her this movie would have been a complete failure. she manages to be endearing and absolutely ridiculous all at the same time. the supporting cast is fantastic, despite being underused, and hugh dancy is just hot. as i predicted, the movie is a big jumble of the first three shopaholic books and manages to work pretty well, there are so many extremely funny things that of course are absent, but all things considered i think it flows pretty well. i really wasn't a fan of the talking mannequins, but mostly because mannequins are creepy. and while the romantic comedy cheese is indeed very cheesy, quirky fisher and super handsome dancy pull it off without too much embarrassment.  i will most likely own this movie, but let it be said i still think she should've been a brit.  go, watch, laugh, let me know if you agree.


  1. did you know isla really is a brit? of course you probably knew that. i didn't know until gina told me. i'll be waiting to see it on netflix.

  2. random info, she was born in the middle eastern country of oman and actually grew up in australia, her parents are both scottish. she was a published author in her teens. she lives in britain now. bo and i looked her up last week.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the movie! Maybe I'll find a time to watch it. I like Isla Fisher - she's cute and I was so fascinated when my friend told me she wasn't American. LOVE it!




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