Monday, February 23, 2009

whimsey returns to the academy awards.

and i loved every sparkley tulle and chiffon covered second of it!!!! the oscars have far exceeded my expectations!!! not only was the show the best it has been in years, hugh jackman was fantastic, in my mind the right people won. yay, heath, kate, and penelope! my shirt is still wet from crying. don't judge! so this is going to be a giant post full of pretty dresses. i really should spread them all out so that i have something to blog about for awhile, but to hell with it, we are gonna rock all of them!!! i totally wanna know what you think so make your vote for best and worst dressed. it's fun to judge people!!! let's rock some of my favorite gowns. 


  1. hi friends, i hope that posting works now. i wanna talk dresses!

  2. I only watched an hour and a half of the Oscars, but I saw enough to be satisfied. (Nyquil took over by 10:30.) Hugh looked HOTTT (three T's), and there were some good moments I managed to see: Seth Rogen and James Franco watching the comedies of 2008, Heath Leger winning, and Ben Stiller's dead-on imitation of an actor becoming rapper.

    That being said, I vote for Kate Winslet and her gorgeous dress!

    Beyonce for worst dress - yikes. What the hell was THAT?



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