Monday, March 16, 2009

anne hathaway, a celeb who knows how to rock it.

the celeb who knows how to rock it, is new to the blog. my style mavens are fabulous women, who with or without help, know how to make themselves look good. we should all take note of how these stars put together their outfits. truth is, we can all dress like movie stars by finding the styles that work for us. 

i decided to start off with one of my favorites, anne hathaway. not only is she a fantastic actress, she really knows how to flatter her figure and her stunning face. with the help of celeb stylist rachel zoe, anne has truly developed her own fantabulous sense of fashion. she has a cool and laid-back approach to dressing, yet retains a classic sophistication. she keeps her color palettes fairly neutral, but manages to never appear dull. she finds new and interesting designers to keep her in the high fashion loop without ever looking pretentious. please god someone cast me as her sister, i could so pull it off.

advice to take from anne. keep things simple. when in doubt, throw a belt on. keep color palettes warm and neutral. look for interesting textures. keep your red lipstick and liquid eyeliner handy and you are good to go.  


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