Friday, March 13, 2009

if you were a shoe.

walking the streets of dc after a gluttonous meal of family style italian food, a giggly group of friends thought it would be funny to decide what shoe we would be if we were indeed shoes. i should probably clarify that there was vino involved, but really not that much. it was such a good time, that i thought, hell, why not blog about it? if you think about it, it's really a quite interesting way to self-examine you and your friends personalities.
big surprise! lauren = the black dior extreme gladiator sandal. as many of you know, they are my favorite shoe ever and according to the sisters mallari, it fits my personality, so yay! it is the perfect amount of classic and edgy. it is a good girl shoe trapped in bad girl clothing. i love the versatility of the shoe...i guess i am versatile. basically, i'm awesome, these shoes are awesome, so i think it is a perfect fit. 

tricia = christian louboutin nude patent leather pumps. they are classy with a sexiness that sneaks up on you. much like tricia, miss sophisticated smarty-pants and then you throw on the bass guitar and bam! rockstar sexy! it's like the blue surprises you.

chanelle = frye carson boot. they are a little bit country and a little bit rock'n'roll and all kinds of relaxed, which is perfect for island chic chanelle. they are smart and badass while remaining comfy and chill.

pilita = betsey johnson lidia peep toe wedge. the satin is shiny and cheery much like our dear pilitam. the shoe is sassy and packed full of fun, which really is quite perfect. i love the balance of sweet and 80's punk-rocker. it is such a good match i can't even believe it. 

jenn = chanel quilted flat. it is sensible and tres chic. they are classic and sophisticated and will never ever go out of style. i just love how fun and vintage, but thoroughly modern they are. 

so, do you agree with our choices? you should -- they're perfect, i dare you to find better. also, i am dying to know what shoes would you be? tell me, tell me. 


  1. I would say construction boots for me but that screams big, butch lesbo :D

    Anything size 4.5! Maybe a pair of, I don't know, worn black pumas 'cause it's all about comfort for me :D

  2. Haha! Gina, I said construction boots for you too! Actually I was think these bright driving mocs for you:
    or flip flops:
    becuase they're casual, comfy, fun, and easygoing.

  3. i like the driving mocs, but i think that the flip flops are best. i love the color. and that is so funny you said that gina because tricia did indeed say construction boots, but i wasn't going to feed that delusion.

  4. LOL! I love the flip flops... I'll take those. I used to associate them with Pilita but she went and got all 'fancy shoes' on me ;)

    Either one, I'll take...

  5. Hehehe, I went all 'fancy shoes' on you, gina? ;) i agree, the construction boots remind me of you too, but that was a long time ago. a time of permed hair and baggy clothing. tricia, good picks for gina! i still love flip flops - best invention ever made - but i relinquish the "flip flop" title to gina...for now. :)



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