Thursday, March 05, 2009

it's britney bitch.

what a show. it's official, brit is back. well, a pseudo not as dancey stripper whore like version of britney anyway. man, does she love a stripper poll. i wasn't expecting back in the day britster, so i was fairly impressed with her spryness and busta move skillz. when she greeted the crowd, an obviously overwhelmed britney looked like she wanted to vomit. the show was a disjointed miss-mosh of the intended circus erotica theme, bollywood, street hip-hop, and a stint with dueling guitars, rockin' out with get it. overall i found the show a bit self-indulgent, but she was doing what she wanted and at this point i just have to say good for you. i hope the money she gets from my 40$ t-shirt, i hang my head in shame, doesn't go to pay k-fed's babysitting fees. oh, and before i forget, the pussycat dolls are HOT. all in all, i had a fantastic time rockin' and shakin my booty. looks like brit did it again. yes, that was a reference to oops...i did it again. i better stop before my brilliant idea of doing an entire blog with lyrics from britney's songs comes to fruition .

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  1. My favorite part was you and gina saying "It's Britney - bitch" about a hundred times! Or when Gina didn't realize that they were saying that!



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