Tuesday, March 24, 2009

kristen stewart, a celeb who knows how to rock it.

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ok, i love this girl and not just because she is the star of twilight, which i also happen to love. kristen stewart is a serious rockin' actress. she is only 18 and she has such a fantastic body of work. not only does she take her work seriously, girl knows how to dress. i love the ease that she has on her red carpet. she always looks a little out of place in the limelight, but her clothes always reflect her chill, most likely high on narcotics personality. she is barely more than a stick figure, so she chooses outfits that fake curves and emphasize her i don't give a shit attitude. 

advice to take from kristen. when in doubt throw on a cute jacket. don't bother with time consuming updo's, in fact washing your hair is totally optional. give a straight figure some omph with bubble skirts and fabric details. when applying makeup, focus on the eyes. and whenever possible rock converse all-stars. 


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