Tuesday, March 03, 2009

that's more like it.

MaxMara fall 2009
zac posen fall 2009
marchesa fall 2009
lanvin 2009
bcbg max azria 2009
These are just a few of the trends from the runway that have really made my heart flutter. i love all of the glitter and romance. It seems that we are going back to a time with the slouchy kathrine hepburn pants, the pocketed jumpsuits, and true hardcore glamour. it all makes me very excited. i can't wait to wear my onsie. i'm a bit nervous. i will have to post when i finally gather the courage to wear it. i love the look of evening, the great little skirts with truly interesting details. if i posted everything that i loved from the runways(new york, paris, milan) there wouldn't be enough space on the internet. that is a lie. i just didn't feel like sorting through all of them. i am so lazy. which leads me on a tangent...so i am so bummed, i thought i brilliantly came up with the title the lazy fashionista for my twitter account. sadly, someone already has a blog of the same name, even though she hasn't posted in two years. bitch. so are you excited about any trends for the upcoming year? tell me. tell me. 


  1. I can't wait to see the pic of you in your onesie! I'll take a pic of Maddie in hers and you can do a side by side comparison.

  2. hahaha!!!! i love it!!! is maddie's teal silk? with pockets?

  3. lol! we have many to choose from. i don't have a silk one but she does have a teal terry cloth one with pockets!



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