Sunday, March 01, 2009

yikes. i'm supposed to wear that?

iceberg 2009 ready to wear
betsey johnson spring 2009
betsey johnson spring 09
christian lacroix 2009 ready to wear

unfortunately, gina and i were not thinking ahead and didn't take any the what not to wear biloxi edition will have to wait for another day. instead, i searched the runways for the most absurd fashions we are supposed to be wearing this year. now, i understand the theatrics that surround fashion week and that the shows are fun and crazy. the makeup and hair supposed to be completely off the wall and i totally get that. i like it. with all of that nonsense you are supposed to still see pieces that make you jump with joy. on the other hand, sometimes you have incidents like the ones above. what am i, a normal person...well, a fabulous fashion princess normal person, supposed to take away from this. i find them silly and pretentious. and anyone who tells me i am just not sophisticated or creative enough to get it, will seriously get a punch in the face. this is supposed to be ready to wear and the only place i would be ready to wear these is a costume party. and i wouldn't be happy about it. i always prefer slutty cat. or nurse. well, anything as long as it is slutty. 

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  1. That first "trash bag" look makes me giggle when I see it.



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