Monday, April 27, 2009

destin with the girls.

i just returned from a weekend with the ladies for my sister's 21st birthday. we had a killer good time and we looked super cute doing it. i wish i had better photos, but this is it. so enjoy.the most scandalous outfit ever...this look garnered many ugly glances from the ladies, but a security guard assured me they were just haters and that my outfit was the fiercest of the evening. i've never heard the word "ass" more in my life...what? i loved it.
i loved heather' s outfit. complete from lizard thicket, a cute and affordable shop in atl, you can purchase online.
The sassy ladies ready for a night of drinking, dancing, and dirty looks...well, just at me...
shan's outfit from lizard thicket, mine from forever21 and i couldn't breathe all night, but i looked hot and isn't that the point.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! Great outfits!

  2. i'm so upset i couldn't come!
    those pictures just made me hate my finals even more :(. hope to see you soon!



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