Tuesday, April 07, 2009

diane kruger, a celeb who knows how to rock it.

this girl, rocks my socks...hard. that sounded dirty. it wasn't intended, but what the hell i wouldn't kick diane out of bed, she's freaking helen of troy! and she and joshua jackson aka pacey witter aka love of my life are so adorable and fashionable together that it sends that chill down my spine i am supposed to get when looking at babies. ms. kruger dresses with such fearlessness and such ease that you can't help but love her. she is tremendous and not many in hollywood can boast the same fashion prowess. she is a goddess and i seriously had to rein myself in or there could have been 80 pictures.  

advice to take from diane.  embrace your waist with belts, sashes, and ruched fabric. rock a menswear trend, like bow ties, but do it with super girly fabrics. own a killer pair of boots, pumps, and day sandals, then wear them 'till they've had it. wear light airy scarves to add breezy complexity to any outfit. be comfortable. try everything once, remember fashion can't hurt you. 


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