Monday, April 13, 2009

just in case anybody cares...


as we all know, i love twilight so very much and new moon is shaping up to be a billion times better. with the new director, chris wietz, has come more money, better wigs, better make-up and a much more active story. i think it is going to kick ass and with a release date of november 20th they best get cracking. 

i did want to share some killer casting news. if you didn't know, dakota fanning was recently cast as crazy evil jane. baddie casius will be played by british actor jamie campbell-bower who is super freaking creepy, but the biggest excitement has been the casting of michael sheen as aro. sheen is an unbelievable actor and his casting is just perfect. i think that all of these choices really validate the film, no silly disney actors here. 

the werewolf pack, as well as emily has also been cast, but there are just too damn many of them and they are all smoking hot. Heidi and Gianna are also rummored to be cast, but check out imdb for photos. overall, what do you think? good casting? perfect casting?


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