Wednesday, April 15, 2009

outdoor oasis.

i just wanted to share my cute little front porch on a budget. the chairs are from big lots, 19 dollars a chair. bo found the rug at target for 40 dollars and i found the tables at home goods from 40 dollars for the pair. my mom bought me the silk flowers and vases. 

bo and i decided that we are moving in the fall, so i stopped my project, but i thought i would tell you my intensions. i planned on purchasing black and white graphic pillows for the chairs. i was going to buy some wire stars, everyone has them. i was going to spray paint them navy. finally, i was going to purchase bamboo rolling shades to put all along the porch to shield from the crazy florida sun...i still might do that, just because they are so cheap. okay, i gotta go call my agent, sigh. acting sucks. 


  1. oh i love. and i especially love that hammond matches too! i need to get myself to big lots -- those chairs are a steal.

  2. and tricia, they have them in yellow!!!!

  3. i LOVE it! and hammond blends in so nicely - i almost didn't see him - it's like he's camouflage dog! :)



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