Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ashley olsen, a celeb who knows how to rock it.

this chick is awesome! not only am i a huge fan it takes two starring the olsen twins and steve guttenberg, i'm a fan of this girls fashion sense. she and her sister take this job seriously. after watching the twins on oprah i have really come to admire their insane work ethic. this girl eats, lives, and breathes fashion. sticking to a mostly black and white color palette, things remain basic, but never boring. 

advice to take from ashley. don't be afraid to show some leg, but always cover up on top. get an awesome black, white, or grey blazer to rock with everything. get a pair of platform gladiators. buy a purse that weighs as much as you to store your life in. invest in some retro sunglasses. rock menswear to your next fancy event. skinny jeans and leggings are your friend. find a good tailor because excellent fit is super important. keep a cup of starbucks handy and you are good to go. 


  1. not even related to your post since i am not a fan of the olsen twins and i'm too lazy to send an email...your boy rob is on twitter...i bet that will bring you back!

  2. not even rob could bring me back. plus, i'm sure it's not him and if it is let me know if he mentions me ;)

  3. don't think he's going to mention you if you're not even following him!

  4. are you sure? true love goes beyond twitter!!!! and what we have will last a life time.

  5. love love love the olsen twins and esp ashley's fashion sense - i think its so uber chic and classic and effortless all at the same time.
    notice how chic she looks even when she is rocking flats?
    i totally crave her wardrobe



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