Wednesday, May 06, 2009

the best show you're not watching.

so if you have never watched rescue me it is time to start. i am constantly amazed by the colorful language and racial slurs that make frequent appearances on the show, but it's not just tons of inappropriate humor, it really is a superbly written and acted show. the show follows tommy gavin, denis leary, as a former alcoholic fire-fighter who has serious i see dead people lost in 9/11 issues. along with the crazies at the firehouse lou, gay probie, sean, franco, black sean...hijinks ensue. plus they are all super hot firefighters and michael j fox talking about getting hard-ons at random times is hilarious and super awkward. the show is full of heart and will make you laugh and cry all within an hour long episode. fx really must have made a deal with the devil because it is seriously crazy what they get away with and i love every second of it.  the show comes on tuesdays on fx and replays a few times during the week. netflix it for good times. 


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