Monday, May 04, 2009

cute outfit.

it's embarrassing how many of these i have saved on the macbook for my own viewing pleasure, it's kinda my way to shop without spending. so basically i only post the ones i think look good. i have been up to my eyeballs in moving crap, plus i have been sick so this has been the only fun part of my past week. i love bilson's outfit, the boots make it perfect for a rainy spring day.  

1. Twill 3Q Jacket, Forever 21, $18.24
2. White Cotton Tee, Old Navy, $10
3. Laguna Skinny Destroyed Jeans, Hollister, $59.60 (i am sooo buying these even if i do have to wear a size 5 or 7, i hate places that don't vanity size, assholes) 
4. Vibra Mid-Calf Lace Up Boot, Etienne Aigner , $79.99
5. Blossom Hobo, Isabella Fiore, $695 (what you know it's hard for me to skimp on a purse)

on thursday, i will be posting the yucky pictures of the inside of my 80's house and begin the redecorating. also, i am very upset that my avid grey's fans have yet to answer my cry! i wanna know!


  1. I am so in love with this whole outfit.

  2. You and I tend to have very different opinions on shoes BUT I love these!!



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