Friday, May 01, 2009


so, i almost watched grey's last night because of the commercials...the little girl shooting her father 17 times, something which bo and i have spent quite a bit of time breaking apart and analyzing. first, how did this little girl aim and shoot any gun? the recoil alone would knock the gun out of her puny little hand, plus what handgun holds 17 rounds? are you telling me that she actually reloaded the gun? unless, you are telling me that she was shooting a M-16 a gun so heavy that i could barely hold it and aim...i need answers!!! 
was she an evil child? why would meredith get in trouble for helping or siding with her? is she fired? does that mean meredith and derrick will once again not be together, blah blah. so i could look this up, but i wanted to hear it straight from you...was this a good story line? should i have watched? let me know...


  1. i watched! and i thought it was a great episode. although, now that you mention it, the whole 17 rounds thing doesn't make sense. but my favorite tv show is lost so i can't say much about episodes being unrealistic...

  2. laur! this is emily hyndman, i finally figured out how to comment!

    ok, so...the little girl's dad was abusive so she shot him in hopes of becoming a child murderer. she failed...he lived. then the wife took the child and fled. meredith is dramatic as always; she wasn't fired, but had a touching "cry on my shoulder" moment with the chief.

  3. No, the little girl wasn't evil. she was standing up for herself and her mom b/c her mom was too coward to do so. So, i actually think she's pretty brave. M isn't fired. I think she is just suspended...maybe, I don't ended with her saying she would pack her stuff. The chief told her not to speak to the mom and kid again and of course she couldn't help herself. BUt to her credit it was only to apologize to the mom for being an ass before. She got suspended b/c she got too involved. You know how she is. She yelled at the mom's little girl - told her she was a coward, etc. etc. As far as I know, M and D are still together. Why am I writing all of this out? Can't you just find an synopsis online somewhere? It's good - watch it.

  4. thanks k-money. i probably won't watch it, but thanks for filling me in. i was more excited with all of the shooting stuff...



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