Tuesday, May 05, 2009

the met costume institute gala. 2009.

so i have not the energy, nor the will power to make this a fancy post, so i apologize for the shitty layouts, click on photos to make 'em bigger. i am soooo tired and congested, but i didn't want to deprive you of the fantastical gowns that showed up, some fantastically awesome and some fantastically disastrous. pretty much everything louis vuitton touched was horrid, madonna, leighton meester, and kerry washington, looked terrible!! soooo not cute. i understand that this is a time to really rock out the crazy, but yikesola. if you want designers i have all of them, but just thinking about posting all of them makes me want to cry. my favorite was hands down eva mendes in calvin klein, she looked unbelievable as per usual. ciara looked crazy hot in emilio pucci and ashley olsen rocked my socks in the row. liv tyler also looked stunning in stella mccartney, i could go on all day. for the most part, i think everyone looked great. there are so many more good and bad that i just don't have the energy to find. let me know if you wanna see anyone i may have forgotten...so, what are your favorites?


  1. nice post. i actually liked it. i thought heidi klum rocked it too.

  2. i loved heidi's outfit as well. i don't know where my picture went, you can see her here in all of her preggo splendor. http://www.superficialdiva.com/2009/0505/heidi-klum-met-costume-institute-gala-2009/heidi-klum-2009-costume-institute-gala-02/



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