Sunday, May 10, 2009

my happy place.

so, over the past few days i have driven hundreds of miles back and forth to the new house. i am tired. i am surly. i am fat. plus, it's 11 and i am starving. shit. well, today i think i may have gotten a part in a fsu student's thesis film. yay, but that still doesn't compare with the overwhelming joy i felt when i saw ali larter in this notte by marchesa gown. right!?!?! it's amazing. whimsy, girly, sexy, and fun. i need this dress to wear around the house, walk hammond, go pick up what-a-burger. who cares? it's stunning, plus it would cover my giant ass. sigh. 

pictures of the house to come soon, when i find the stupid camera. i hate moving.


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