Monday, May 18, 2009

abrams goodness.

so since wolverine was such a joke, i thought i would make up for it by posting on the awesomeness that is jj abrams star trek. it was stellar! now, i am as far from a star trek fan as humanly possible, i mean, the movie was 30 minutes in before i understood what a vulcan was. oops. the cast was amazing and gave fantastic performances. the film was action packed and totally funny, exactly what a great summer movie should be, but it almost isn't fair to call this a summer movie. it was simply a fantastically made film. plus, i loved all of the alias folk who cameoed throughout the movie. i don't wanna give any of the goodness away, so go and see, then let me know what you think. well, live long and prosper and laugh at this t-shirt logo below.


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