Monday, May 25, 2009

terminator! what, what!!!

so i have only good things to say about terminator salvation. it was good times. the action and the story were both pretty solid. plus, anytime they referenced one of the previous films i about peed in my pants. what? i am easily excited. i also have to say that i am in love with the not so human marcus wright, played by australian hunk sam worthington, who along with john conner's teenage father, played by anton yelchin, and the cutest mute child ever, played by jadagrace, the trio totally stole the movie for me. christian bale did his job and did it well as always, but i feel that his story was sort of secondary to the before mentioned threesome. i really thought the movie had some heart. rotten tomatoes would say otherwise, movie snobs, but i even freaking cried in the end. a real sob. not just a lonesome tear. if you only have time for one, i would see star trek, but terminator would be a close second, and wolverine doesn't even make the list. so what do you think about the summers movies so far? anything you loved? hated? come...share with us.

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  1. Saw Terminator this weekend too. Loved it! Maybe one or two cheesy scenes but overall I was very impressed. Totally agree about Marcus Wright. Good looking robot. Star Trek is next!



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