Thursday, May 14, 2009 screen much!?!

hmm. the first word that comes to mind is yummy. every man in the cast is indeed yummy. hugh, ryan, taylor, liev, hot asian guy,, the hobbit, the guy who killed ben's daughter on lost...they are all smoking freaking hot. and hugh jackman's ass is a thing to behold...sigh. yummy. with that said, wtf???? who the hell is this gavin hood? and who put him in charge of such a beloved franchise...i threw up in my mouth when wolverine took a closer look at his new shiny claws and we could literally see where they had been animated was bad. and my god, the green screen was truly gang raped by these filmmakers and green screen can look good, hello 300??? the special effects were seriously laughable. and we did laugh a lot. now the movie isn't horrid. the fight scenes are above average and anytime liev's sabretooth started running on all fours i had to fan myself a bit...yummy. i thought the movie had a few points where it really connected, but mostly it fell short for me. i wish that the group of hotties had remained more active in the story because that was the most fun. and most yummy. and did i mention hugh jackman is naked? oh yeah. he's naked and it's glorious. 


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