Sunday, June 28, 2009

it's the transformers, not citizen kane...

i say this because all of the major critics are dogging this movie big time, and i'm confused. sure the story isn't as amazing as star trek and sure it's just a bunch of special effects, but it is hilarious and action packed and i thought it was awesome. i can't help it, i am a sucker for explosions and there were a ton. plus, it is full of eye candy for the ladies and the gents. the movie is very long at two and a half hours, but honestly it didn't bother bo or i because it never slowed down enough for you to get bored. And it has the pyramids!!! yay, egypt!!! i was like a kid in a candy store! i kept nudging bo saying, "i've been there!!!!!" Dr. Zahi Hawass, the man who knows all things ancient egypt, was a huge fan of the first film so michael bay actually got to use the pyramids in the film, i was so excited...except for the destruction...ask bo, i gasped every time they "kicked off" some boulders from a pyramid. they totally made some mistakes filming them, but that is nerdy and if you really want to know, just ask. 
so back to the movie...did i mention it was funny? it is really funny and julie white as sam's mom is absolutely hilarious! the fighting among transformers progressed a ton from the first movie, which was my opinion was a bit messy. this go 'round they actually look like they are tactically fighting as humans would, and it is awesome! there are a ton of new autobots and decepticons and while i've heard critics complaining of too many, i thought the more the merrier. 
perhaps, i love it because of robert orci and alex kurtzman, the writers, who also have written for, you guessed it, ALIAS!!! plus, these guys wrote star trek and mission impossible:III, so they have yet to disappoint me. 
so to break it down, if you are looking for emotional substance you will be greatly disappointed, although i did tear up once or twice, pathetic. Buuuut, if you are looking to have a great time, see a fun movie that doesn't require too much thought, laugh a whole bunch, and maybe get a glimpse of megan fox's tan ta-tas, then i say absolutely go see it. let me know what you think! 
**words of advice, see it with a large crowd it's more fun that way and get to the theatre early to get good seats...sitting to close may induce vomiting.  


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