Saturday, June 13, 2009

listen to me...i'm right.

so i recently went shopping with someone who constantly disagreed with we all know that i am always right, i know better than most and if you don't like it say, "that would work on you" or "you could pull that off." don't openly diss, not cool. so one thing that i was preaching that she wasn't buying is the age-old stacy and clinton adage, "you don't want your clothes to match, you want them to go." when you find a cute tri-colored skirt, the goal is not to find shoes with the exact same three colors, yikes! no no no. you pick one of the colors or gasp! pick a fourth color. i hate when someone sees pattern and they can only see one color in it that they feel they must repeat in the bag, the shoes, the sunglasses, soooo not cool. i just don't understand that preppy or old school hip-hop look of matching every color, it's not sophisticated, it's not grown up. i love smart mixings of color and pattern, it makes you look fashionable and chic. it's possible to be "prep" and not look juvenile, just look at the gossip girl cast...even on abercrombie's website the selected outfits are super cute, even if the shorts are ridiculously short, so there is no excuse. 

fyi, this is more of a rant than a fashion lesson. all my girls reading this know better.

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  1. don't worry lauren...i listened to your every word when you helped me shop! although it took some convincing (bc i am cheap), i trust you with fashion!



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