Sunday, June 21, 2009

my husband is a saint.

yesterday my dear husband and i set out to have a tasty lunch at a local deli, it was delicious. after my calzone, i toyed with the idea of visiting a super adorable shoe store in the area, i settled on no, it was best to not tempt myself. but bo thought i should check it out, who was i to argue with my man. the store is adorable and even better, the cynthia vincent gladiators i have been stalking on piperlime sat gloriously on the shelf. i told the owner the same thing and she quickly let me know she was ready to bargain, she wasn't about to loose business to the old navy empire. sweet, right? well i still had to convince my loving husband that 140 before tax was a steal of deal. it didn't hurt that he actually liked the shoes, but i think i owe my success to the owner and her friend, the epitome of southern ladies gossiping and full of good advice. we probably spent 45 minutes just talking to them after our purchase and somehow i got a sporadic, but paying saturday job and a 25% discount, plus the ability to order any single shoe i want at another discount. awesome!!!! feeding the habit ;) so life is good, i get paid to write about weddings, i will get paid to sit among beautiful shoes, and one day i WILL get paid to act...i feel like that is the natural progression of it all...


  1. Wow!! That is awesome! Congrats! Can you hook us up with some good shoe deals as well!:)



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