Sunday, June 21, 2009

summer comedies, ah stupidity.

when it comes to summer movies, i prefer action. i can't wait for Transformers, Harry Potter, and GI Joe, but i tend to pass on the comedies. well, being married to a goofball marine i have made a few exceptions and was pleasantly surprised. 
first off, the hangover...let me start by saying don't go into it like it's the funniest thing you will ever see, you will be let down. but let me tell you that is a pretty stinking funny film about a bachelor party in vegas gone horribly wrong. bradley cooper is hot, ed helms is hilarious, and zach galifianakis is the strangest most uncomfortable yet endearing character i have seen in a long time. the humor is crude, the story is ridiculous, but there is a baby named carlos and mike tyson and a tiger. 
on to year one. i wasn't planing on seeing this movie in the theatre, but those silly let me just say it wasn't awful, i actually laughed more than expected because michael cera is the funniest human being alive. he cracks me up and he really made this movie for me with his uncomfortable quiet throwaway lines. the movie is packed with tons of comedies finest and olivia wilde, who is just hot. but the story isn't just ridiculous it's bad, but for the most part the actors are funny enough that you can put that behind you. if the movie was 45 minutes shorter i would probably be more apt to forgive it's shortcomings. 
final conclusion: see the hangover, fo' show. it is a far better developed film and it really will make you laugh out loud. and if you need cleaner option see the proposal, my mom said it's hilarious and ryan reynolds, mmm. i going to make bo take me this week. maybe today, it's too hot to do anything in this horrible place. hope that was as oh so insightful per usual ;) 


  1. did you see that olivia wilde is maxim's number 1? her pics in the latest issue ARE hot.

  2. haven't seen year one, but the hangover is high-LA-rious, as pilita would say. "I'm on your side! I hate Gozilla!"

  3. Yuck - not a fan of Olivia Wilde... she's like a Megan Fox-ish actress except she has a bit of actual acting chops :)



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