Wednesday, July 08, 2009

blue jeans, you can never enough...

how exciting?!!?!? i just bought a pair of antik denim jeans for 50 dollars!!!! really 40 dollars with 10 dollar shipping, which sucks, but is totally still worth it, they were regularly like 170 dollars!!! i am so excited! i have decided that i am going to try and buy exclusively from my online sample sales, like ideeli, hautelook, gilt group, etc. the deals are insane. plus, you get credits when some one you signed up makes a purchase...which makes the deal even sweeter. i can't wait to get them! yay! i love buying things!!!!!!. i love sharing about my good deals, tell me, what's the best deal you have ever gotten whilst shopping? 

 okay, time to go to the gym so my fat fourth of july ass will fit into my new jeans. 


  1. My best deals are on kids clothes. Probably not worth discussing. Also, can you send me an invite to ideeli. thanks!

  2. all sales on clothes are worth discussing...little people clothes are freaking adorable, plus there are a few people who read with kiddies.

    oh, did you buy a pair of jeans kmoney?

  3. i'm very excited b/c i just got a pair of marc by marc jacobs pumps at 70% off today, and they're still only 50% off on the dsw website.

  4. Yeah, I did. I found them online for $36 plus free shipping. Can't beat that! Let's hope they freaking fit!

  5. i can't wait to get mine! they haven't even shipped yet, hmph. i really hope mine fit to...ah, the joys of shopping online.



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