Thursday, July 02, 2009

i've had it with movie critics...

perhaps it's because in my eyes michael mann can do no wrong, well miami vice was a bit iffy, but i thought that public enemies was a spectacular film. critics seemed to give it a passing grade, but not without some annoying bitching about the many things that i actually loved about the film. the john dillinger bio-pic, sort of, hooked me and didn't let me go until the very sad, inevitable ending. johnny depp is beautiful and mesmerizing as the quietly funny and ingenious dillinger. much like forest whitaker adding a friendly facade to the horror that was idi amin, depp takes a ruthless evil man and makes him human. the supporting cast is also full of suburb actors, including billy crudup, christian bale, marion cotillard, and so many others filling the small roles that make this film. look out for channing tatum for 2.5 seconds as pretty boy floyd, so hot. for me, this movie grew more and more amazing for as it developed. mann really did an amazing job creating characters that you truly grew to care for and some kick ass gun play, nobody does it better than mann. i say, screw all the critics that said it was too long, disappointing, and void of character development, etc. this is definitely the film to see this summer, it easily tops my list, right up there with star trek. great acting, great filmmaking, and a great, tommy guns! 
and i am just going to put this out there...i couldn't help but think throughout the entire film, that something about depp's portrayal of dilligner...from the hats, sunglasses, clothes, humor, confidence,whiskey...reminded me completely of holly ann, my sister in bo and i have concluded that she is in fact a bank robber. see the movie, i swear you will agree ;) 

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  1. heard the movie rocked! chris and i will have to check it out soon!



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