Wednesday, August 19, 2009

here's to skinny jeans and red lipstick...

so i wanted to buy things today. like an uncontrollable urge to purchase. i was reading bo's esquire and came across an article with gap's main man patrick robinson discussing his new fabulous 1969 premium jeans. i had to have them. there are 7 different styles and multiple washes in each. and for a limited time all of the jeans are 20 dollars off, so 50 bucks for nice pair of jeans, i'm game. i bought the always skinny in the deconstructed medium wash, pictured above, and love them. mostly because i fit into a size 0!!!!!! crazy, i always wear a 2 at the gap, so imagine my surprise when they were too big. awesome. i also picked up red lipstick & liner from mac for the fall. i've decided to start wearing it all the time. it could be my thing for a bit. i purchased their matte lipstick in russian red, it's perfect, not too orange, not too burgundy. so that is my shopping spree for the day. i wish i was satisfied, i just loooooooove buying things. hmph.


  1. did your skinny jeans stretch out much?

  2. well, mine were crazy tight, so in the handful of times that i have worn them they have started to give a bit, not much. they are straight up denim, no elasticity, so it will be a while before they start breaking down and stretching out. i am terrified to wash them, they are going to be soooo tight. a little muffin top is always sexy. right!?!



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