Tuesday, August 11, 2009

hotness everywhere!!!!

so along with a ton of summer movie openings and fancy shindigs, comes a ton of fabulous outfits. and i mean fabulous!!!! so i thought i would share some of my faves, i also got bo to give me his opinions, trust me you will want to read them. he's a funny guy. let me know what you think? do you have any faves? any you want me to find on a normal persons budget? your wish is my command. read on! be girly!

this was at the costume institute! i love this outfit! Rodarte is one of my faves the way these girls use fabric is out of this world. also, i love the shoes that kirsten dunst paired them with! grey is so chic! see...isn't this fun!?! BO'S OPINION: she looks like a half naked mummy

oh ashley greene, how i love thee! this girl could not be any cuter, well maybe with the help of a D&G floral mini dress! i even love the shoes. all of these girls are wearing the best shoes! BO'S OPINION: it's okay, she looks like she is wearing lingerie...i like it.

omg i love this. before you start dogging me, let me say, i agree this is not traditional beauty, but i think that k.stewart gets it right every time. she dresses for herself and no one else. plus, when your hair is cut in a joan jett mullet shag, you don't really have options. plus i love this picture. this dangerously spiky dress is rock & republic and what about those shoes? i love them, even though i totally dig her converse thing this is a nice change. BO'S OPINION: she looks like a musician, it's cool.

okay, so you know this has to be a great dress if i am willing to compromise all that i believe and place a photo of her on my blog, but even i can't deny this naeehm kahn gown is absolutely stunning. her hair and makeup are just spot on! well played heigl, well played. BO'S OPINION: it's nice, looks like a real red carpet outfit...i like the color.

saw gi joe. it was awesome. sienna was great, even if she was playing second fiddle to her other costars...and by other costars i mean her massive cleavage. she was off promoting when she wore this amazing outfit! do you see the forest green peep toes!?!? i'm salivating. she is the epitome of breezy. BO'S OPINION: it's casual, i like it.

so when i first saw troy...i remember thinking "really? that's helen...not so sure" well, i can say with full certainty that diane kruger is the most beautiful women on the planet! i love her!!! she is such a fashionista and she never hits a wrong note. i love this jason wu frock! she does the crazy and most interesting things, but never looks overdone, amazing!!! BO'S OPINION: that...looks...retarded. it looks like a bird pooped on her shoulders.

so camilla belle is new to being uber famous, but i knew her way back when...when she starred in the rocking remake of when a stranger calls. trust me it's awesome in all it's badness. but even if you aren't into bad horror films you have to admit this former face of vera wang is a stunner. way to bring back the full eyebrow. i love this max azria gown and the color is just amazing on her skin! add a rocking pair of grey patent pumps and forget about it! i might have ditched the bag, but this is still a great outfit. BO'S OPINION: it's good. she's hot. it's pretty, but she looks cracked out.

my angie is back!!!! and in leather!!!! how freaking hot is this women? i think that men who don't find her attractive are just pansies who are afraid of how absolutely hot she is...besides she would probably crush them. i like a powerful chick! this killer outfit is brought to us thanks to michael kors. surprised? i was. this is so her! edgy, yet somehow crazy elegant. i love the strappy sandals and the giant ruby cocktail ring! finally angie! BO'S OPINION: it looks like mr. and mrs. smith. it's hot.


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