Monday, August 31, 2009

now read this...

so i have a pretty nerdy take on favorite books consist of twilight, bridget jones, and anything jane austen...that's super nerdy, like uber nerdy. now i have decided over the past week that i need to read more, so i started reading another twilight-esque novel, which was pretty terrible, but damn it i am hooked, they were sooooo silly and absolutely juvenile in a way that the twilight series is i am not saying that twilight is a feat of literary greatness, but somehow that childish aspect of an adult novel didn't creep in very often and if the dialogue was better it would have been perfect in my mind, but the immortal series by alyson silly, but still interesting...well, i finished the first two books and was really jonesing for a good grown up vampire book...hmmm, nerdy...and then i started reading a book i have seriously had for months, dead until dark, the first book in the sookie stackhouse collection written by charlaine harris. now this is the series that true blood is based on and while i am super nervous about ruining my favorite television show, the books are soooo good. they are full of hysterical southern humor, not to mention some pretty intense lovin, but it's written sooooo well, that you never feel like you are reading a dirty romance's just freaking hot. I love being able to have an inside look into sookie's mind, which is fascinating, so vibrant, innocent, yet not completely naive. The books are complicated and interesting, but not a difficult read at all, but I did have to look up one word...which i can't remember...huh...they are so good that i went out and bought all 9 of them today...9 books, but when you finish a book a day...that's really not a lot. hell, i need a library card. but i love books and these have the most beautiful covers! well, if you do decide to read them, please let me know what you think!!!


  1. I actually left a comment on here yesterday and now it's not here. Weird. What I said was that I also agreed that the cover art was really nice and wanted to know if this was a tween or young adult book or a real adult book.

  2. yes, they are REAL ADULT books ;) i know it's hard to believe that i could read one, but alas it's true.



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