Friday, August 28, 2009

tell me i look like a rockstar...

so i love my new red lipstick, i am rocking it like it is my job...which is the only job i seem to have, so i am showing my dedication and it giving red lipstick my full attention. yeah, shoe job, not so much. i hate it, but really it's for the best, i imagine it would have been a huge headache...c'est la vie. so here is a little outfit i like to think of as my rockstar day look. hanes little boys xl t-shirt, new gap skinny jeans, my fave foley and corinna mid-city tote, and my steve madden gladiators, which i always wear when it's supposed to rain, they are plastic-y and cheap so i don't care if they get ruined. i threw on two of my favorite necklaces and good to go. i felt good. sorry for the terrible lighting we were in a hurry to catch (500) Days of Summer, which i will have to write about because it is sooooo stinking good. i love hammond in the background on the sofa, he's so stinking cute!!!! i miss you all.

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