Tuesday, August 18, 2009

to buy or not to buy...

so i meant to start writing product reviews ages ago, but couldn't decide on what to write about, well i have finally found a product worth a shout out. i have been yearning for a clarisonic brush, but at 200 bucks it is just outrageously out of budget. while watching tv a few weeks ago i saw my imaginary bestest best friend jennifer garner hocking neutrogena's newest tool the ageless restoratives total skin renewal contraption. i looked it up and thought for 25 bucks it was worth a try and if you go to neutrogena's website you can print out a 3 dollar off coupon. the starter kit comes with everything you need, batteries included, and a months worth of renewal puffs. the tool replaces your exfoliating procedure 3 days a week and promises to rewind a year of aging in just one week. well, i don't know if i look any closer to 24, but i know that my face feels softer than it has in years. after i use this little machine, my face is so soft and absorbs whatever i put on it. so after week one i am a fan, but i will keep you posted on any changes in my affection.

the verdict: buy, even if you don't look 18 again, it's still killer exfoliation.


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