Friday, September 04, 2009

best hair day of my life...

so i like my hair, but rarely does it preform as well as it did today. i'm glad i took this pic before i left the house because due to crazy humidity and vicious heat, it did expand a bit. it still looked pretty great, but not as great. as far as the outfit goes, the skirt is a target purchase, the tee is bdg from urban, my favorite t-shirts ever, they are comfy and some how look super hot, the necklace is my elephant necklace, which kept falling covenantally into my a-cup cleavage. hot! the shoes, of course, are my cynthia vincents. i just can't get over it...look at that stripper hair...right!?!?!? i love it! another inch on my hair and i will be so good to go!!!


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