Friday, September 04, 2009

a drunken fashion review...seriously...

so after my hilarious fashion post with bo, i thought that i would up the ante. instead of just the hubby, i decided that i would ask bo, his friend geoff mcclune, and a fellow marine buddy chris wallace aka biggie talls, their opinions. did i mention that they were all super, super drunk? as you can imagine craziness ensued. i made no changes to their responses...
so mila kunis is hot and apparently has fabulous taste in clothes, this matthew williamson frock is stunning. the neckline is flawless on her, the length is also amazing. and the nude pumps, in the words of rachel zoe, i die. just all around solid outfit.

the boys take: she looks really really’s like a hot cocktail waitress in outerspace. great legs. i’d pay a little visit to the moon on my way mars, no man on the moon...mila on moon. now there was some controversy about ashlee simpson's jill stuart romper and they are all damn fools!!! this outfit is sassy and fun. i love the strands of pearls and the super fun accessories. in my opinion she has never looked better.

the boys take: whoa, oh my gosh(all) i’d probably have sex with her right now(wallace). thumbs up on the outfit, but looks like a nightie...makes your mind wonder...(after being told that it was indeed a romper not a dress) those are jorts?!?!? you wanna know what’s under those jorts. now, this dress was a while ago, but i thought it was stunning. i love the effortlessness of it. 3.1 Philip Lim makes me very happy, but this is just outstanding. the cut and fit of this gown is superb. even the shoes have me excited. reminds me of the lanvin katie holmes wore to the critics choice. this isn't the greatest picture, but it seemed that all of the good ones wanted to give my computer a tried to explain this to the boys, but they were not having it.

the boys take: not flattering...hides the ass...where are her boobs? she looks like she is wearing a sheet...justin timberlake would be disappointed...she gave her sexy back. how hot is this woman!?!? i can't think of a more universally hot lady. plus, thanks to miss rachel zoe, she always...always looks amazing. this d&g masterpiece is stunning, the print is balanced out by the classic shape of the gown and whatever is going on with her hair is fantastic! beautiful! only eva can make red leopard look simple.

the boys take: that’s excellent, i like that...her boobs are camouflaged...classy, but not too conservative.
now, i have had this picture on my computer for quite awhile and decided to bust it out for you. darling kristin davis is totally rock n' roll chic in this oscar de la renta creation. i love the hard edgy leather complete with gold studs mixed with the soft feathers. it's sooooo not charlotte york goldenblatt and i love that!!! way to take a risk!

the guys take: i’d like to rustle those feathers, looks like she is wearing a suit of armor with feathers and i like it...she is the only hot sex and the city girl, totally, i agree.

The Drunkards in all of their glory...


  1. This. is. hilarious. You should take those guys on the road. P.S. Where did you get those chairs??

  2. LOL @ chris wallace/biggie talls! you need to find yourself a 3pac shakur to round out the group and get some kind of east coast/west coast rivalry going.
    also, i adore kristin davis's outfit, and, not that i'm biased or anything, completely agree with the guys' assessment of jessica biel's.

  3. Chris and I read and giggled at this post :)



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