Sunday, September 20, 2009

emmy 2009. yuckola.

so there weren't many dresses that i straight up hated, but these were the ones that just made me hang my head and say why???? why, when you are rich, beautiful, and talented you shouldn't have moments like this. jamie lynn sigler is stunning. hair, makeup, jewels, perfection. dress...uh, it looks like a prom dress from about 8 years ago. the fabric just looks more street walker than walking the red carpet. and hooker isn't a good look on anyone...not even mrs. turtle.
i tried to find a redeeming quality about this gown and there are none. this l'wren scott gown just doesn't do it for's lots of pink...the sparkles look glued on and the shoes? really...not the best choice. kyra sedgwick is beautiful and this is just a hot mess.
oh my god, jan. so i love melora hardin. this is a terrifying disaster of yellow, lace, and more yellow. she looks like a child playing dress up, throwing on whatever she can find. i like that she is reaching outside of the box and being different. it's just not good different, at all.
oh dear sweet innocent love hewitt...remember when she went by that. hilarious. i love the original j.lo, but girl can't dress herself to save her life. ever. she seriously looks like the little house on the prairie meets seventeen prom. it's not horribly bad. i just feel like none of it matches...the hair is very bohemian, the jewelry is a bit dynasty, and the dress which is max azria is just kinda prom-ish. i don't know, not great...well, her boobs always look great.


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