Sunday, September 20, 2009

emmys 2009. black. how original...

now heidi is ready to pop and looks amazing so i am not going to say an ill word. she is rocking that marchesa and looking fiiiiine doing it. she really can do no wrong.
love alyson hannigan, but am bored to death by her layered gown...yawn. i know she just had a baby, but this is just boring. sorry, i love you willow!!!!

now this is blue. thank you. i know. but i didn't want to make another category for two dark blue dresses, i'm lazy. shut up. this girl is amazingly beautiful, look at those boobs!!!!!! this dress is just not sexy, she looks old, and like she has a tail. not my fave.
eh, i really get annoyed by tina fey...30 rock just gets on my nerves. any who, this gucci gown is a terrible bore and makes me want to pop a zoloft. yuck. i really thought that she was moving up after the oscars, that zac posen was stunning. this was yuck.
now jenna fischer missteps on the red carpet a lot. remember that flower!? but this at least is a step in the proper direction. it's reem acra and it's pretty.
christina applegate is a champ and a surivior and this is how she treats herself. the back was pretty, but i must just not get her style because i never like her gowns...i don't know. she looks nice...


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